30 Day Workmanship Warranty on all Buildings, effective day of installation.

20 Year Limited Warranty on roofing materials assuming regular care & maintenance

given to the building.  Buildings longer than 31' not vertical will not carry this warranty.

Overholt & Sons, Inc.    

Garages/Carports in Goodlettsville

Located at 1259 S. Dickerson Road, Goodlettsville, TN 37072             615-859-0475

Hours:  Tuesday - Friday  9:00 - 4:30        Saturday 9:00 - 3:00

Option 7:

You have thirteen colors to choose from to get the perfect combination for your roof, trim and wall color! Match your home or that other building you may have or just be creative.


Option 6:

We offer three types of anchors for you structure. Traditional Concrete Wedge Anchors are used to install on a concrete pad or footing.  A 30" Rebar Anchor is used to install when mounted on dirt, gravel or asphalt. A Helical Mobile Home Anchor is used on certified buildings and can be purchased as an option on non-certified structures.

Option 3:

Windows, size 30 x 30, constructed of durable heavy duty aluminum & trimmed with J-Trim, your choice of color, to provide a finished appearance.

Option 1:

You can order additional panels to install on each side of your carport to prevent rain from blowing on your vehicle or equipment

Option 2:

We also offer Gable Ends you can add to provide additional strength & a much nicer curb apeal

Option 4:

Doors - We offer the Walk-In door that is 36 x 80 and Garage Doors that are roll-up and come in sizes from 6 x 6 to 10 x 10.


Carports & Garages in Goodlettsville

We Offer Three Roof Styles

Our standard Carports & Garages start at 12x21 and go up to 30x51.  We offer three roof styles.  The Standard Rolled-Corner design, the A-Frame with the boxed eave and our Vertical Roof design.  All of the roof styles can be constructed in

12 Gauge & 14 Gauge Steel.

Option 5:

Corner Braces - Every structure comes with a brace in each corner.  You can purchase additional braces  for added strength & stability made of galvanized steel 2' to 3' long.  We recommend 2' braces for up to 8' legs and over 9' the 3' long braces.